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Introducing Noibu – Capture and Fix All Website Bugs

Don’t have time to read our blog? Check out the Noibu Partnership video with Noibu’s Co-Founder and President Kailin Noivo on our YouTube channel!

At Real, our commitment is to source and align with the best tools and solutions to bring the best value to our clients. As part of our partner series, where we spotlight our invaluable partners and collaborators, we’re thrilled to look into our partnership with Noibu.

Noibu is a market leader in eCommerce error detection, offering real-time solutions to pinpoint and rectify online bugs and glitches. Whether it’s a checkout discrepancy or frontend inconsistency, bugs can significantly disrupt a user’s shopping experience, leading to lost sales and a potential dent in brand reputation.

Why should Noibu be on your radar if you’re an eCommerce store? Even minor technical errors can translate to substantial revenue losses. Noibu’s proactive approach ensures not just problem identification but also timely resolution.

A recent case study, we conducted serves as an excellent example of Noibu’s capabilities. By leveraging their platform, we assisted a client in identifying and mitigating 11 critical bugs, saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds in potential revenue. It’s a clear testament to the tangible, transformative impact Noibu can offer.

The universality of our partnership with Noibu is what truly excites us. No matter the eCommerce platform, Noibu integrates effortlessly, ensuring every user enjoys a seamless online shopping experience.

For a richer understanding of Noibu’s offerings and its significance in the eCommerce space, we have an insightful video featuring Noibu’s Co-Founder & President, Kailin Noivo, where he sheds light on the platform’s capabilities and vision.

Eager to explore how Noibu can revolutionise your eCommerce store? Get in touch with us and we’d be thrilled to introduce you to the Noibu team and set you on a path to eCommerce excellence.