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Media Lounge is now Real Agency

Since 2009, Media Lounge has grown into an established eCommerce agency. We've suffered all the growing pains, learning new platforms, expanding our team, working with bigger clients, and increasing our service offering.

We've worked with hundreds of retailers, have seen pretty much everything eCommerce has to offer, and have now evolved into a fully focussed and dedicated eCommerce team.

For years we’ve pondered changing our name to match this journey. We've often felt our name doesn't match who we are and where we've come. So in 2023, we decided it was time for a change and started a journey of discovery. We spent some time in nature to get a feel for who we are, rather than picking a name we all like the sound of...

We’re here to be real, do good things with good people and do it without all the usual guff. We’re authentic and work with equally real people where the heart trumps the brain.

Real Values

Being Real

A no-nonsense and honest approach to create a clear path to success.

Real Relationships

No agendas or tricks, just honesty and pure focus on achieving our joint goals. 

Real Success

Understanding what success looks like with clear definitions for joint focus.