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Aqualisa is a pioneer in the UK shower industry, Aqualisa stands out for its innovative digital, mixer, and electric showers, designed to transform everyday showering into a luxurious experience.



Aqualisa were looking for reliable and capable Adobe Commerce support partner to host and support an Adobe Commerce 2 multi storefront instance, ensure stability and offer progressive and proactive recommendations focused on growth, based on experience, data and previous results.

We've provided Aqualisa with an experienced dedicated account manager who helps their team with data analysis to pinpoint bottlenecks and pain points within the user journey. Collectively the two teams then create strategic quarterly roadmaps and prioritise the workflow to align with the goals and needs of the growing business.

We offer a flexible monthly support plan which provides Aqualisa with a dedicated amount of hours output from our team. Any unused hours roll over to future months providing 100% efficiency.

We've migrated the Adobe Commerce store to our Amazon AWS Adobe performance optimised server stack to provide better stability, performance and security. We've also optimised the site search by separating using a dedicated elastic search server.

Consistent sub 2 second load times across all page types.

375% increase in search result speeds.

We're also delighted to be chosen by Aqualisa to build their new Adobe Commerce store coming later in 2025.

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Services Provided

Adobe Commerce Design and Build

Custom Animation

SEO and Data Migration

Conversion Optimisation

UX and Customer Journey Optimisation

Support and Hosting