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You Are The Media Lunch Club - Paid, Earned and Owned Media

Another month, another You Are The Media Lunch Club and this month it’s all about making owned, earned and paid media work for you and your business. We’re back in the familiar Media Lounge HQ and here is what you can look forward to on April the 26th…

As the name suggests, You Are The Media is very much an owned media approach but we aren’t just going to be hearing from the ever-zealous Mark Masters; he has also brought in some friends to help defend their favourite way to distribute messages and reach their target audiences.

Now we know what the topic is, if you are feeling like you’re not quite sure what the difference is between paid, earned and owned media, have no fear – we’ve got you covered!

Paid Media

Paid Media is the easiest to understand of the three as it consists of any marketing or advertising that you pay for. Traditionally this would include TV adverts, radio airtime and print advertising.

Online though, there are a few subcategories. Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts are one of the most popular forms of paid media as search engine advertising is a favoured form of reaching an audience. Advertisers are able to bid on keywords that will be displayed above the organic search results. As the name suggests, you pay each time someone clicks on the adverts to be directed to your site.

Now, how many of you while scrolling through your various social media channels have come across a sponsored post? Probably all of you. This is a relatively new and very fast growing sphere of paid media and has come to be more and more important to advertisers following an algorithm update across most social channels that resulted in a reduction of potential organic reach, so paying to boost the number of people exposed to adverts is on the rise.

Owned Media

Owned media consists of the content you create and publish on your own channels. This includes your website and blog, podcasts, ebooks or any white papers you publish, and also the content you distribute through your social media channels.

Owned media is primarily driven by your content strategy. Providing valuable, authoritative and educational content that is not simply self-promotional is the mainstay of owned media for many organisations. Distributing this type of content on social media is usually key to extending the reach and finding a wider audience.

Earned Media

Earned media consists of all the content and conversation around your brand, products or services that have been created by someone else and published somewhere other than your owned channels.

Earned media can include press coverage, social media mentions, shares and retweets, product or company reviews and blog posts authored by people outside of your company. Increasing the visibility and reach of your content through social media engagement will increase your earned media reach. The best example of an earned media approach is traditional PR; distributing interesting content about your business to publishing organisations in the hope that they choose to write about you or publish your material.

Now that we know what the differences between owned, earned and paid media are, who are the special guests who will be defending their individual specialisms?

Firstly, we have our host Mark Masters who will obviously be backing owned media and highlighting just how the owned approach can work for you. Jo O’Connell (JellyRock PR) and Zoe Hiljemark (Sixth Sense PR) will be talking about earned media, then we have Mitchell Stuart (Inferno Media) who will be giving advice on how a paid approach can drive results and last but no means least, Clare Groomsbridge (South Coast Social) will be discussing how linking all three methods could be the best option for many.

Like always, you will get a delicious lunch on the day provided by the luncheon-legend that is Oli from Lunch’d, as well as coffee supplied by our good friends over at South Coast Roast. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to grab your tickets now and we look forward to seeing you on the 26th!