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Why You Need To Be Using Magento 2 For Your eCommerce Store

We all know that there is no single one-size fits all eCommerce platform solution that is actually going to work with each and every business. Every platform has its own advantages which is why it confuses many store owners when choosing their best fit as there are plenty of powerful eCommerce site builders out there competing against each other for the top-tier positions.

If you are a store owner and want to develop an eCommerce site that is both flexible and secure enough to make your business run smoothly, PHP-based open source CMS platforms can be your perfect choice. If you haven’t guessed already, yes we’re talking about our beloved Magento.

Magento was built as a flexible platform. The reason we say flexible is because users have the ability to create stores with a variety of functions using already pre-made extensions or by utilising their coding. This is the main advantage of a platform like Magento and just one of the reasons it’s so popular.

Besides, one of the most important things that Magento is loved for by so many eCommerce store owners is that the platform constantly upgrades their features to compete with other top performing platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce. Recently, the Magento team successfully designed an upgraded platform: Magento 2.

Besides eliminating some minor issues from Magento 1, Magento 2 comes with a ton of great features to make it a better platform overall for eCommerce websites.

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Besides eliminating some minor issues from Magento 1, Magento 2 comes with a ton of great features to make it a better platform overall for eCommerce websites. There is a lot of eCommerce growth going on already in 2018 with Magento 2, which shows us just how many Magento 2 advantages there really are. Magento 2 usability is one of the benefits that merchants can use by using Magento 2 plugins and various extensions. So, to develop a fully fledged and functional site Magento 2 really is your perfect choice!

Flexibility / Usability

Usability is the beauty of Magento 2 that can help you build a fully fledged eCommerce site with no borders. All of the tools or extensions at the backend like automation and management of order, sales and shipping, the inventory of products and also the reporting of the products and orders all provide the ease of use to users and will make the overall experience useful for backend users too.

The Optimisation Capability

In order to make sure that the customers can reach your site, doing SEO is one of the most important things you should be focusing on. Magento 2 comes with features that can help optimise your SEO with ease.


Besides many other Magento 2 advantages, by far one of the most powerful features with Magento 2 is the internationalisation. This amazing function allows you to go beyond the national limits. Therefore, your service and product can reach out to international customers as well. Magento 2 makes eCommerce development accessible by providing the functionality to support other languages and currencies of different regions all around the world.

Responsive Design

We are in the age of mobile technology and customers nowadays prefer to buy stuff online by using their mobiles and tablets. This means If you have a site that is not mobile friendly, it can cause you a lot of disadvantages. With a responsive design layout, you can develop an attractive eCommerce store with Magento 2 so that your customers can access your sites on their smartphones.

Magento 2 development provides cross-platform compatibility with cross-browser compatibility and device from agnostic compatibility for your website is an ideal platform for this era.

From a Developer’s perspective

Open Source

Magento 2 development was made in PHP which is an open source programming language. This means Magento 2 is an open source platform which makes the eCommerce development easy. It allows the developers to use each kind of template with proper extensions and modules with widgets.

You can have documentation, training and consult regarding any type of situation by the Magento 2 community. The future of eCommerce is Magento 2 because it provides a program that is user-centric eCommerce storefronts.

Easy Integration

Now is the era of big data with NoSQL – like databases which mean that the integration of the store with the database is significant conflict. Magento 2 makes eCommerce development easy by providing easy integration with the variety of databases that includes web/cloud services and third-party tools.

Magento 2 Compatibility

Magento 2 development is done on PHP framework including Zend that provides compatibility with latest versions of PHP. Also, Magento 2 works fine with databases including MYSQL, Oracle and Hadoop whenever there is a requirement.


You can quickly build user-friendly eCommerce stores with Magento 2 which provides 20% more speed as compared to Magento 1.x. Speed is the primary requirement that users want from a website thus by having a feature to increase the performance Magento 2 is the most favourite platform used by many eCommerce store developers all over the world.


Magento 2 has a JavaScript library as a default jQuery library which makes it a hassle-free CMS to use, which is why developers love to use it, and Magento 2 makes eCommerce development pretty easy. But having default JavaScript library avoids jQuery and Prototype problems while developers create innovative features and functionalities.


Because of the changes to the structure of directories in the source, Magento 2 is a lot more secure than the previous versions, and we can say that future of eCommerce is Magento 2. The earlier version had nine folders in the root, but Magento 2 only has 5. These changes to the structure have made Magento 2 more secure and a lot tougher to steal or hack code directly from the root folder.


Magento 2 development offers the component-based structure of modules and the flexibility. Because modules provide the developers with the freedom so that they can enable or can disable the components that they want. This structure enhances the flexibility and performance of the Magento 2 site.


As online stores are more popular than ever before, it’s important that all the new and modern online stores need to get equipped with all the modern equipment in order to meet the increasing expectations of the new generation of shoppers. With so many features including flexibility, performance, security, shopping experiences, Magneto 2 has accomplished many of these requirements.