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Twenty of the Best Magento 2 Extensions (Part 2)

Welcome back to our countdown of the best Magento 2 extensions. If you haven’t already read part 1 of our countdown then do so first, then come back to finish the list off. So without further ado, let’s find out what the final 10 best free extensions for your Magento 2 store are!

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Magento 2 Product List

Magento 2 Product List ultimately decreases your customers’ abandon rate by creating a product list of the latest, best selling, new and also top related products. This, in turn, will help your customers find exactly what they are looking for very easily. You can also add in as many rows to your product list as you desire.

So, why is this a good extension to have? You can have up to 9 different rule types to show your product list, able to display a product list with as many rows as you want and also able to choose to enable ajax after the page has completely loaded or right after any tab is clicked.

Facebook Comments for Magento 2

This type of extension allows your customers to add in customer reviews on any product page and be able to share them easily. You can customise and embed your customers Facebook comment. Customers are also able to duplicate reviews from product pages into Facebook.

With this type of extension, you are able to make your product pages that little bit more engaging by making them lighter and brighter, it’s 100% open source and very easy to customise on your own. Another great bonus for this extension is that your customers don’t even need a login or sign up in order to give a review on the web store, and can easily just post comments on any product page they wish.

Promotions Manager For Magento 2

Promotions Manager allows you to simplify your online store promotion management by adding actions and also columns to the price rules grid. For instance, you are able to add a number of different rules and a discount column on the grid.

With this extension, there is no need to edit each rule separately and if you need to create a lot of similar rules you can create one, duplicate it and also use it as a template for other price rules too. You are also to very easily delete car price rules and obsolete coupons which aren’t needed anymore.

Free Magento 2 Easy MegaMenu

This extension helps you create an organised menu, especially if you have a lot of products. Easy MegaMenu also helps you display categories as well as corresponding sub-categories. This extension is also great if you aren’t a cider due to the fact you can use it without any need of coding skills.

The main perks of this extension are that the menu navigation can be flexibly managed, easy to add, delete and also edit menu items, is very responsive with mobile and tables and also when a customer hovers over a menu, a list of the product will be displayed without clicking.


Watchlog in simple protects your Magento 2 store from brute force attacks. The extension provides graphs to store owners to check daily and monthly login attempts. Owners will get a summarised and detailed table of all login attempts. The extension will allow owners to use email to schedule a periodic report the statistics.

Watchlog allows you to ultimately define the history lifetime and also receive periodic reports. You can also create a whitelist and a blacklist of IPs on Watchlog Pro, allow access to whitelisted IPs only. Not only does Watchlog lets you block IPs after X attempts, allows you to block the blacklisted IPs for X amount of minutes.

Fooman Email Attachments

Fooman Email Attachments automatically attach your online store’s order, invoice, shipping and other details to your sales emails. The finely grained settings grant you full control over which document you wish to attach to which sales email, you are also able to choose not to add comments to your PDF documents. This type of extension will ultimately save time with automatic sales and email attachments and you can automatically attach terms and conditions to your emails.

Colour Swatches Pro for Magento 2

Colour Swatches allows you to display the prices of simple products along with colour swatches. Magento 2 store owners can permit their customers to share URLs of chosen product configurations. The automatic page reloads tool can also be used for overall improved perception of content.

Colour swatches pro enables the customer to subscribe to out of stock items and then be timely informed when the product comes back to your store. It can also automatically display information of selected simple options on the pages with configurable products. The smart page reloads also allows the customer to view only the particular colour and size that they selected on the product page.

Magento 2 Social Login Extension

Magento 2 Social Login allows your customers super quick login access, all without the need for a complex registration process. The extension lets you add social buttons that appear on the login page where if a customer clicks on those buttons, the social login module uses their social accounts to log them into the store.

This extension comes with a very easy customer design that fits in with your store design which is also highly customisable and means it’s very easy to enable and disable any social channel even the module.

Fooman Print Order Pdf

With this extension, brand new “Order Confirmation” pdfs are generated from an online stores order overview screen or from a single order view page. If you have multiple orders going through, the extension will display a bulk order confirmation document of all the orders in a just a single PDF.

This means you can print orders with any order status, even if they have not been invoiced yet, as well as easily generate an order confirmation pdf from Magento’s Order Overview screen, or even from within an individual order without any hassle.

Magento 2 Change Attribute Set

This extension allows store owners to change the attribute of a product set with just a few clicks. Owners can choose to automatically add configurable attribute to target attribute or even ignore it… Simple, yet very effective.

Advanced Shipping

Advanced Shipping does exactly what it says on the tin. With this extension store owners can configure shipping fees by variables such as weight, price, destination, categories and even more. Advances Shipping allows owners to change shipping methods using a single text configuration field.

With this extension, you can use a specific syntax that can define one or several variables and the conditions to enable the shipping methods depending on the current quote. Alongside this you can manage any shipping providers, you will just have to set the conditions of display and price of each shipping method using different formulas.

So there we have it. These are the best and most useful Magento 2 extensions that can be both used for eCommerce owners as well as Magento developers who want to overall please their customers and also save a lot of money and hours of coding…Plus did we mention they were all Free too!! Please feel free to use the comments section to share your favourite Magento 2 extensions.