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Media Lounge Team Up With Humax

The Media Lounge team are proud to announce that we have been working with Humax Direct, a leading eCommerce manufacturer of subscription-free satellite TV and smart-home devices, to launch a brand new fresh and updated online store.

Humax has been working with us for over 2 years to support their current Magento 1 store and after supporting the site for 18 months the client approached us about potentially building their new Magento 2 site, an undertaking we gladly took to.

The new site boasts a slick and modern design created by our lead designer and was our first migration from Magento Commerce to Open Source. The clients existing eBay and Amazon stores were integrated with Magento seamlessly and we also built a custom API for Magento 2 to integrate with the client’s accounting platform to offer an end-to-end solution that syncs all the client’s vital platforms and software.

A full and robust FAQ section was created so that customers can ask questions and have them answered by the Humax support team in real time. This feature means it will help cut down the number of support requests the team receive via phone or email and allow them to use their time more efficiently. There is also an attachment feature on the site for product instructions with the belief that providing more information at that point in the customer journey and via the website will further improve the Humax team time efficiency.

The design of the new site has been significantly updated with the use of bold colours and a slider graphic to keep the homepage interesting and inviting to the customer. Using block colours makes it stand out on the white background of the site while remaining a simple and clean overall look.

Other small but important and impactful design elements can be found throughout the site. On the product category pages, a small drop down has been included for each product to offer the user a bit more information quickly without actually having to click on the product or be directed to the full product page. Once on a product page, the layout is far from cramped but still ensures that all the vital information is displayed beautifully. Achieving this was a design challenge in itself due to the nature of the product range. There is a lot of information to be included but using a combination of a scrollbar and a sticky header section, we were able to ensure that if the customer comes to the bottom of a page, they are still able to easily add the product to their basket without scrolling back to the top.

It was important to ensure that the design was fully responsive across all platforms and product imagery was clear and impactful regardless of the device so that items are viewed in the best possible way. From the smallest mobile screen to the largest widescreen desktop our aim was to deliver a sharp and professional aesthetic and experience.

The advanced search bar built into the top of each page of the site is intuitive and provides customers with the most relevant search results as they type. The suggested results are dynamically displayed in a drop-down menu to speed the process up for the customer. This feature will ensure that customers can easily locate the product they are looking for without the need to navigate the entire site and based on historical browsing trends, we’re confident this will have a positive impact on bounce, exit and most importantly, conversion rates.

Finally, in order to streamline the checkout process and make it as simple and easy as possible for the customer, we have worked with OneStepCheckout to deliver a clean and frictionless checkout process on a single page. A store with multiple checkout pages can suffer increased cart abandonments so having all elements on one, a well-designed page can have a big impact. For Humax, the simplistic design and transparent layout help eliminate any purchasing barriers in order to avoid cart abandonment and create a more user-friendly experience.

We are very proud of the overall outcome of this project and feel free to check out the new site for yourself here.