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Media Lounge Team Up With Replace Base

We are proud to announce that we’ve been working with Replace Base, a small dedicated company who provide the best quality spare parts for mobile phones, games consoles and other electrical devices, to bring them a modern and fresh new online store.

Replace Base came to us looking for a new Magento 2 eCommerce store which showcased their products to the highest quality and also provides a flawless user experience to their customers. In response to the brief, we then produced a highly responsive Magento 2 site with top quality front-end features in order to give customers a great shopping experience.

Replace Base Limited was founded back in 2009 and quickly took the top spot in the industry by offering high-quality components while delivering a smooth service while still at a reasonable price. Although they may be a small team, Replace Base are never short with offering their expertise in order to help their customers find the right product for them.

It’s on average that Replace Base send out around 3,000 components each and every day from their warehouse located up in Northampton and their customers range from independent retailers through to larger corporations, so whatever you need they will be able to accommodate. This means it was important to ensure that the interface on the new site was fully responsive across all platforms and that product imagery was clean and clear to ensure that any items are able to be viewed in the best way, no matter what device is being used. From the smallest mobile screens through to the largest widescreen desktop monitor, we wanted to make sure the site stayed looking sharp and professional.

Because the site is built for consumer use, it needed to have a wide range of Magento 2 features. We installed an advanced search bar so that when buyers search for an item, the most relevant searches appear in a drop-down menu as they continue to type. Having this feature means that customers can easily find specific items they need without having to navigate manually around the whole site.

Other features also include automatic related products on all the product pages, advanced stock control and order processing too.

In order to help streamline the checkout process and make it as simple and easy as possible for the customer, we have worked with OneStepCheckout in order to deliver a clean and frictionless checkout process on just a single page. It’s known to us that a store with multiple checkout pages can suffer increased cart abandonments so having all the elements on a single, well-designed page can help have a big impact. For Replace Base, the simplistic design should help eliminate any purchasing barriers in order to avoid cart abandonment and create a more user-friendly experience.

For Replace Base, the simplistic design and ease of use of the new site will hopefully help eliminate any sort of purchasing barriers to help reduce abandoned carts and hopefully create an overall user-friendly experience for everyone. Be sure to go and check out the new site for yourself here.