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We Are A Shogun Frontend Certified Agency Partner

Amid the ongoing challenge to deliver better online experiences to your customers, we are delighted to announce our partnership and certification of Shogun Frontend – a powerful eCommerce experience platform that gives you the power to create fast and effective storefronts.

It’s a no-brainer that you’d want to use the best technology for your store (why wouldn’t you?), but having to hand-pick every element can be time-consuming and complex. That’s where Shogun Frontend comes in.

Shogun Frontend is a packaged solution that makes going headless easy; this means the frontend of your store (the bit that customers see) is decoupled from the backend (the behind-the-scenes bit), allowing you greater flexibility and a faster, more agile site. The backend of your store still performs all the key functions of an eCommerce store, but without being trapped to a single frontend delivery platform.

Going headless gives you total freedom to customise the frontend of your site as you wish without risking the crucial backend functions like checkout, inventory, subscriptions and payments.

Shogun Frontend leverages Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to produce sub-second load times, while still allowing you to build a beautiful and stunning eCommerce experience for your customers. Through the use of APIs, your store can continue to evolve over time without the need to replatform just for a fresh look or additional piece of functionality.

If you’re looking to boost conversion rates, accelerate your revenue and improve brand loyalty, a headless solution like Shogun Frontend could be perfect for your digital storefront.

Check out our brand new partner page on the Shogun website to read more about our partnership and all that Shogun has to offer.

Shogun Partnership Badge Shogun Partnership BadgeShogun Partnership Badge