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Webinar Video - Master eCommerce UX & Storytelling To Overcome Your Sales Pain Points

Watch the video of our insightful eCommerce webinar and master eCommerce UX & storytelling to improve your website conversions! Hosted by industry experts Adam King, co-founder of Media Lounge, and Damian Rees, a highly respected UX coach and consultant, this session offers invaluable guidance to help your online business flourish!

In this webinar, Adam and Damian will teach you how to navigate your sales pain points and avoid customer drop-off using powerful techniques such as conversion narratives and switch analysis. With their extensive experience, they will provide practical and actionable advice, empowering you to reverse engineer your conversion challenges and watch your sales grow!

What you’ll learn from this webinar video:

    • How an ineffective narrative can hurt your eCommerce business
    • How to align primary and secondary messages with your brand and audience
    • The different storytelling approaches for impulsive and planned purchases
    • Best practices of UX in eCommerce and how to overcome your sales pain points & avoid customer drop-off
    • How to craft an effective Conversion Narrative for your eCommerce store