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Introducing Fetchify - Data Validation Made Simple

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As many of you will know, the team at Media Lounge are always looking for ways to improve our services offering and help our clients be the best at selling online. Innovation is one of our key commitments as an agency.

With that in mind, we also recognise that there are a lot of existing service providers out there that do a fantastic job providing unique and often invaluable solutions to the everyday challenges eCommerce businesses face.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Fetchify, one of the leading providers of accurate customer data validation and address auto-complete services for online stores all over the world.

Formerly known as Crafty Clicks, Fetchify offers a range of intuitive products aimed at enhancing and simplifying the user experience on eCommerce websites, particularly around data capture and authentication. This can save you both time and money when it comes to ensuring your customer data remains secure and your checkout experience is optimised.

The brilliant centrepiece of Fetchify’s offering gives your store the ability to provide fast and accurate address auto-complete across 240 countries around the globe, as well as a postcode lookup service that uses the Royal Mail database to ensure you deliver with 100% accuracy in the UK.

To put this into context, Royal Mail updates its dataset on a daily basis, releasing changes and new addresses with each update – this is something no other address database does. It is this daily update that can contain as many as 2500 changes which could have an impact on your business. By using the verification tools offered by Fetchify and directly linked to Royal Mail, you can rest assured you have the most accurate address data list available.

Not only that, Fetchify offers additional services that authenticate all telephone numbers, emails and bank sort codes and account numbers in real time, to guarantee your store is not vulnerable to fraudulent customer data. All of this functionality can be added to a variety of different platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopware and more.

There’s plenty more we could add here, but as part of our ongoing partnership we asked Russell Jones, CEO of Fetchify, to explain their offering in more detail and give you a better insight into how their services can improve the onsite experience for your customers.

If you are potentially interested in the services provided by Fetchify for your own eCommerce store, just drop us a message and we’ll happily introduce you to the Fetchify team.