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Choosing the right technology to invest in for your eCommerce store is absolutely critical for anyone serious about reaching the very top of their target market. It’s not just about what to invest in either; it’s why and how as well.

We’ve seen time and time again throughout modern history that the businesses fully committed to adapting around ever-changing customer-driven trends will always rise to the top eventually. Things change particularly quickly in the world of eCommerce too – faster than most other industries – so it makes sense to future-proof what you can and be ready for shifting customer expectations.

It’s no surprise then that you will need a flexible, robust platform that will allow you to minimise destabilisation and take advantage of opportunities that appear throughout your journey as a thriving eCommerce business.

That is where the beauty of BigCommerce Open Saas comes in.

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A lot of eCommerce platforms out there are too rigid and therefore vulnerable to failing the test of time. Investing can be both expensive and problematic as the platform simply cannot keep up with the latest technologies.

BigCommerce Open Saas takes away these concerns by passing you control of things, more so than your average eCommerce platform at least.

Imagine your site as a house for a moment. All the main components come as standard of course; plumbing, electricity, gas etc. Using an open source platform leaves you (the homeowner) to foot the bill for everything, as well as a significant amount of liability should things take a turn for the worse. If something stops working, it’s on you to fix it.

The BigCommerce approach to Open Saas places you in the role of a tenant – all the main components are still included, but you have the freedom to make the space your own as long as the foundations remain structurally sound.

Not only does this reduce your liability, you can also enjoy the combined freedom, flexibility and security offered by the SaaS platform at a significantly lower cost compared to open source options.

Nate Stewart

VP Of Platform Strategy


‘You don’t have to choose between the things you love about open source’s control over customisation, and the low maintenance security and stability of SaaS. Open SaaS gives you as much of the best of each as possible.’

This is what it’s like to have the best of both worlds. Investing in BigCommerce Open SaaS allows you to adapt your business when required without having to move out of the house you’ve spent years building. You no longer have to choose.

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