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Handy Tags Is Now Live

Media Lounge are happy to announce that our latest site is now live!

This time we have teamed up with Handy Tags, an online retailer selling every type of tag imaginable. The company was set up in 2011 after realising there were very few options for high quality printed swing tags online here in the UK.

What separates them from your average general printer is that they offer the most extensive range of sizes, shapes and materials that can all be bought instantly online. They also have a variety of cutting tools pre-manufactured which passes on savings directly to their clients, making their premium product available to everyone – even those on a budget.

We were asked to use their existing eCommerce store as a starting point, giving it a modern and fresh new look but also keeping a focus on user experience. Allowing customers to navigate easily around the site was of paramount importance.

The new store was built on the future-proof Magento 2 platform which allowed us to develop both a stylish and updated interface. The client came looking for a design that would get them ahead of the competition, and we were happily able to oblige. The site’s design is simple yet effective, retaining a strong brand message throughout so that no matter what page you visit, it’s clear you are on the Handy Tags store.

We also built them a powerful design tool which is free for their customers to use when designing their tags. This feature covers all their tags and allows visitors to create their own bespoke and unique designs without any additional expense. In order to give their customers as much choice and freedom as possible, we have built over 7000 variables of product configurations to ensure each and every customer can create their perfect tag.

To streamline the checkout process and make it both simple and easy for the customer, we have integrated the OneStepCheckout payment platform which delivers a clean and frictionless checkout process on just a single page. This includes fantastic additional features such as a postcode finder, PayPal payments and even a bank transfer option to pay as well. Not only that, your standard debit and credit card options are included too.

There is also a very strong focus when it comes to customer service; whether that be through the email and phone contacts that remain in the header throughout the whole site, or the instant chat options available on each page. Furthermore, Handy Tags are enjoying great success in attracting new customers thanks to their 10% welcome discount on all products.

Overall, this is a site that is pleasing both aesthetically and technically, providing not just a great looking store design but also making sure that customer journeys through the store are clean, clear and straightforward right from step one.