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February’s You Are The Media Lunch Club Is A Podcast Special!

Podcasts are commonly referred to as ‘music for the mind’ – and with the vast audience of listeners podcasts receive nowadays, they have become a very attractive method of content sharing. If you like a lot of others enjoy listening to, or even creating your own podcast, then this event is the one for you!

As you’ve probably guessed, this month’s You Are The Media Lunch Club is back at Media Lounge HQ to bring you everything there is to know about creating your own podcast including topic and content choice to recording logistics and sound management.

As regular readers of the Media Lounge blog we’re sure you are clued up on Mark Masters and the ID Groups You Are The Media Lunch Club by now, but for any potential new readers, here is a very brief summary…

The You Are The Media Lunch Club, often abbreviated to YATM Lunch Club, is a monthly event held on the last Thursday of every month at a number of venues in the Bournemouth area. Although, more recently it commonly resides here at Media Lounge HQ in Lansdowne.

The idea of the event is to offer attendees the latest industry insights from all areas of the digital world via an expert guest speaker. Each week a different speaker joins YATM’s host, Mark Masters, on the sofa for a 45-minute talk and subsequent Q and A session to share their wonderful knowledge in their area of speciality. The thriving event is a fantastic place to network and meet new faces in the digital industry as well as discuss how you can become the media that everyone’s talking about!

Of course, a lunch club wouldn’t be a lunch club without… well… lunch! Our right-hand man for all things food-related, the one and only Oli Perron from Lunch’d, will be back to supply all attendees with a delicious, healthy meal to get you through the rest of your working day. We have also made sure we feed your caffeine fix with thanks to South Coast Roast who will be providing coffee for the event.

To mark the first lunch club back at Media Lounge HQ in 2018, Mark will be joined on our TV daytime show-esque couches with Chris Huskins, CEO of Abrupt Audio, who very kindly is heading to Bournemouth from Southampton to share his knowledge on all things podcasts.

With many companies in the digital industry probably not yet having even considered the idea of podcasting, this is your time to take a step forward in front of the competition.

This months lunch club is designed for those who are interested in making podcasts work for them and their business, not only do you get to learn about it all from the professionals themselves but also means you can save days of trying to figure it all out on your own.

So to round things up, if podcasts, networking, lunch and coffee sound like a bit of you, then this lunchtime event is not one to miss! To pick up your tickets and learn more about the event, you can do so here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!