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Digital Marketing Can Grow An eCommerce Business… And Here’s How!

When running an eCommerce business, of course, the ultimate goal is to get people to see it and buy the products or services you are selling. This process is broken down into four key areas which are as follows:

  • Attracting new people to your site
  • Engaging people in what you are offering
  • Converting your visitors into actual customers (that’s often the hard one)
  • Retaining your audience and keeping them interested in your business.

You can use digital marketing in a whole number of different ways in order to achieve these goals and to ultimately grow your much-loved business. This includes marketing that promotes your products and services, personalizes your site’s shopping experience, targets your audience and also builds authority and that much-needed trust.

You can use digital marketing in a whole number of different ways in order to achieve these goals and to ultimately grow your much-loved business.

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There are so many different types of digital marketing, but in this article, we are focussing on just a few key areas: content marketing, SEO & link building and email marketing.

Content Marketing

When it comes to good digital marketing, the key here is your content. High-quality content published on a business’s website will attract, engage and retain its audience. Blogs, for instance, can be used to reach target consumers by answering key questions or even discussing topics and issues that are relevant to their decision-making process when buying products.

Good quality content can also be used to provide a pathway that converts site visitors into real customers. This includes a blog which has a call to action (CTA) cleverly positioned at the end of the article. The CTA could provide a point where the visitor could, for example, click on a link to a product page that relevant to the blog’s topic, and purchase that product.

There are so many types of content that can be effective for any eCommerce business, including news articles, guides and videos. Sharing your content with your social media can also allow your customers the ability to like, comment and share it online. If you are producing content of high quality on a regular basis which gives your potential customers valuable information it can also cement your business as a thought leader. Over time, a good content marketing strategy can attract more customers and keep them coming back, as they see your products like your business – high quality, trustworthy and reliable.

SEO & Link Building

Having good SEO is essential digital marketing for any eCommerce company because it helps to make sure the products and services it provides are visible and will rank high in search engines like Google. Ranking high is also important when it comes to growth as studies have found that being at the top of the first page of search results can earn you more than 50% traffic.

Good use of keywords, well-written meta titles and meta descriptions can help promote your products better to a target audience when they are conducting a search online. Content, such as blogs and category descriptions can also be used to both breaks up product pages and dilute keywords. This is important because product pages are often rather heavily, crammed with keywords but lay thin in actual quality, these are then often considered low in value by Google.

However, there is a lot more to SEO than just good and well-placed keywords. Building good quality links it another really important factor, especially when growing an eCommerce company. Inbound link building which is also known as outreach is where links are built from third-party websites to your site. A good example of this is publishing a blog on another site which will include a link to a product page on your site.

Not only can engaging potential customers in quality content which links to your products or services help grow your site traffic and your customer base. It can also improve your site’s domain authority. This is a score that determines a site’s quality based on factors such as popularity and also size, which can affect a site’s search engine rankings. This means the more links you build to your site from websites that have a high DA, the more your own DA can improve. As a result, this can help you rank higher on Google and also in return will grow your audience… hopefully.

Growing With SEO & Link-Building In eCommerce

Building high-value links are now even more important because Google is not afraid to penalise companies with low-value links, such as to poor quality with irrelevant content. The multinational corporation, eBay, is a great example of an eCommerce business that Google penalised for doing this back in 2014. A really good SEO strategy, including building links from high-value sites, has since helped turn the company’s SEO around. The company also now offers SEO guides to help customers rank high on search engines for products they sell on the site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another key part of digital marketing. In fact, the British Direct Marketing Association says that every £1 spent on email marketing produces on average of £38. When done well, email marketing can, therefore, build and also retain a strong customer base for an eCommerce site. However, with the consumers aware of the poor marketing automation out there, such a daily spam or junk emails that promote a company’s service, good email marketing is even more important than ever before.

Actually producing and distributing a quality monthly or even weekly newsletter is a way to do email marketing successfully. A good newsletter which includes high-quality content and links in order to keep your readers engaged with your business, as they then will start to look forward to receiving it each week or month. Email marketing can also be effective when its personalised for their customers. This includes upselling emails, for example, to inform a customer about a series of products that are related to their latest purchase. Another example is a personalised email sent out in order to try and encourage a customer to write a review of a recent product they’ve previously bought.

Growing With Email Marketing In eCommerce

The world’s leading eCommerce company Amazon is a great example of a company using effective email marketing to help grow its business further. They use email templates that can be personalised based on customer’s’ site behaviour. From thank you emails, automatically being sent after a purchase is made, to upselling email promoting product lists which is similar to customers browsing history or recent purchases.

Growing Your eCommerce Business With Digital Marketing

From SEO that attracts, to content marketing that engaged to email marketing that retains your customers, digital marketing can be a key asset in growing an eCommerce platform. A strategy that combines these types of marketing can be used in order to improve your overall site quality and promote products to your target audience, all while creating a more personalised shopping experience that your customers will both enjoy and trust.

Together, all this can attract and convert your visitors into actual customers, while engaging and also retaining them in your business for the long haul.