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How Digital Marketing Benefits From Personalisation

Personalisation in both marketing and digital marketing has come a long way over the last few years. Back in the day, personalised marketing used to just be a simple matter of adding in a customer’s name onto your website when they sign in, in order to help develop some kind of relationship with them.

Today though, things are much further advanced. Personalisation has become a long way allowing for deeper and more meaningful customer relationships that can help encourage conversions and increase sales on your eCommerce store.

Now we know just how far personalisation has come, what are the main benefits that it offers us in the digital marketing world?


For any type of business, investing in personalisation is to drive conversions and increase those all important sales. Adding personalisation will help to achieve this in a variety of ways such as:

Pre-filled Personal Details: Remembering customers purchase information such as shipping addresses, card and contact details. If a customer had to input all this information everytime they wish to purchase something from your site, it could more than likely stop them from buying anything from you in the future.

Providing The Best Deals: Personalisation helps to find the best, most relevant deals for each customer, if your customer is shown great deals tailored to their previous purchases, it will encourage them to convert on your store due to them not having to go on their own hunt to find better deals anywhere else.

Customised Content: Personalising your content will encourage customers to engage and ultimately do business with you. Things such as personalised subject lines, greetings, or references to previous actions taken in email campaigns.

Landing Pages: Specific landing pages already preloaded with customer information

By remembering past behaviours, you are able to present relevant products or offers that appeal to particular customers, and increase conversions. Basically, it’s a win for both you and your customer.

Building Relationships

Over time, personalisation allows you to make the relationship with your customers more intimate as the relationship matures, you will also gather more data on their specific habits and preferences.

B2C and B2B relationships differ, but rewards for individuals can still bring past relationships closer and able to create new ones. It’s all in the name, but personalisation aims to add a personal touch, to what would otherwise be a rather impersonal process.

Any type of personalisation will make a customer feel that little bit more special, it can help replicate the feel of one-to-one communication that is somewhat lacking with online shopping.

Whether it’s B2C or B2B marketing, at the end of the day, it’s all still human to human and we all like a bit of personal communication.

Lead Nurturing

Personalisation allows you to create customised messages or offers along each stage of the marketing or sales funnel, and encourage potential customers to be driven further down the funnel.

Generalised content can be promoted to customers at the beginning of the funnel, with more specific content based on their behaviour or chosen products being sent to them further down the line.

Personalised Calls

There is no need to limit the collect customer data strictly to marketing. If you or your sales team often use the phone in order to sell to already existing customers, having personalised data to hand can really help generate a more natural, informed conversions and help the customer to make that purchase.

Any information you have from customer behaviour can really make a difference, you will have the intelligence to improve business-wide messaging and communications.

Welcoming and Fresh

Any type of personalisation can help keep your website fresh to any potential customers. New site visitors can receive a more welcoming entry point that appeals to newcomers and returning customers can be shown specific messages or content which will interest them.

Websites, are able to be personalised in line with any campaign referrals, offer conversions or also web pages they have visited.

Customer Engagement

Increasing engagement with your customers can be fairly difficult, but personalisation can certainly help a bit. Any content or messages that are personalised will keep customers engaged on your site for longer as that personal edge will encourage them to click on or read further.

Alongside this, any outbound marketing campaigns, including email campaigns, can benefit from personalised messages. Quality, rather than quantity is key here. For instance, personalised email campaigns will reap better open and click rates rather than your generic emails, where it used to just be a matter of sending the exact same email to as many people as possible.

Customer Experience

At the very core, personalisation improved the customer’s overall experience of browsing through your site, when digesting your content you are providing information they will actually find useful. Personal touches also allow you to create an emotional connection which means they are benefitting from a much better customer experience along the way.

Customer Retention

By offering personalised messaging, retaining your existing customers becomes easier, as you develop a more meaningful relationship. Examples of personalisation marketing that helps with customer retention include:

  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Personalised Offers
  • Suggested Products
  • Suggested Repeat Purchases

Alongside this, follow-up emails help retain existing customers, as you can thank customers for the conversion, provide recommended next steps, or offer complimentary products or services down the line.

Better Marketing

Overall, personalised digital marketing helps improve your marketing overall efforts. Your marketing will become predictive, rather than reactive. You can offer and provide what the customer really wants before they even request it. The best marketing gives customers the right information to the right people at the right time which is something that adding personalisation can achieve for you.

Whatever form of content you wish to provide, personalising your content or outbound marketing campaigns further helps to improve otherwise generic marketing methods.

Personalisation adds a customers understanding, as you can help them with any pain points they are experiencing and manage to differentiate your brand from the competition.

The Future of Personalisation for Digital Marketing

As customers use connected devices more and more, it develops new ways to connect and engage with customers which all ties into personalised digital marketing.

In the far future, successful companies will find innovative ways to connect with customers that remain appropriate and helps the customer receive a superior experience that also helps your business generate even more of those all important sales.