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Jaguar Espresso is a B2B coffee retailer and the UK's leading supplier of espresso machines, spares and barista accessories.

Jaguar Espresso


Having had their new Adobe Commerce store built with another agency partner, the team at Jaguar wanted to move before their new store went live.

With 95% of the business revenue flowing through their online channels, the team had lost confidence in the skill, experience and knowledge with that particular partner and needed to have a reliable alternative.

We provided a dedicated resource of developers and account management and took the site on as our own, ensuring the site went through our pre-launch approval and checklist process before launch, as well as finishing any incomplete tasks.

We now provide continued dedicated resources to help with growth and feature development.

Guaranteed work output of 120 hours per month.

5 years of working together.

1,000s of real conversations!

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Services Provided

Adobe Commerce Design and Build

SEO Migration

Algolia Integration

Conversion Optimisation

UX and Customer Journey Optimisation

Dedicated Development

Support and Hosting

We were dealing with a clear and straight-forward team that understands the balance in setting realistic expectations. We were impressed with the team's communication skills, work culture, and technical prowess.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Director