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Montezuma's is a unique company that creates innovative and delectable chocolate products. Known for their commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and exceptional craftsmanship, they offer a wide range of chocolate bars, truffles, and gifts.



Montezuma's needed to transition from their Visualsoft website to a more flexible and professional eCommerce platform. They aimed to support their ambitious growth plans in retail, trade, and digital markets. This included launching a new website aligned with their brand refresh, equipped to handle increased traffic and with a seamless customer experience.

We built an incredible looking, mobile responsive website on Magento 2, designed to maximise conversion and fulfilment efficiencies for increased traffic.

Key features included a sophisticated product catalogue, personalised product recommendations, and an enhanced checkout process for both guest and existing customers. The site also supported subscription-based products and upsell opportunities.

256% increase in conversion rate!

Our best result ever (so far)! The improved customer experience and optimised site had a significant impact on customer engagement and website efficiency, supporting Montezuma's growth ambitions. And, as our great relationship continues, lots of chocolate for the team!

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256% Increase Increase In Conversion

Our focus on conversion optimisation played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable increase. By streamlining the checkout process, we ensured that customers had a frictionless and engaging shopping experience.

Services Provided

Magento 2 Design and Build

SEO Migration

Conversion Optimisation

Support and Hosting

Monthly Subscription Service

Feefo Integration

Custom Courier Integration

Integrated Blog

Advanced Promotions

Timed Merchandising