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Media Lounge Team Up With Appleby Woodturnings

We’re pleased to announce our latest project with Appleby Woodturnings, a small specialist of tapered wood pellets which are often used in the joinery, construction and timber industries.

Appleby Woodturnings is the UK’s largest manufacturer of tapered wooden plugs to the joinery, construction and timber industries where their plugs have been used in very high profile commissions such as the Houses of Parliament, The Cutty Sark, various football stadiums and also Big Ben.

Appleby Woodturnings came to us with an existing store which was used as a foundation for the new site. We modernised the entire design to give a fresh new look while still keeping a strong focus on the user experience. Their new store has been built on Magento 2, a future-proof platform which allowed us to develop both a stylish and updated interface.

A wide variety of extensions were put into the backend of the store including advanced cookie plugins, enhanced eCommerce plugins which can be used for tracking purposes, as well as advanced layered navigation and additional SEO functionality to allow improved performance.

The whole look and feel of the site is vitally important to site visitors which is why we made sure the layout was simple yet effective, and above all easy to navigate. We tried to ensure the key parts of the site were bold and easy to spot but not missing out on any attention to detail.

It was important to ensure that the design was fully responsive across all platforms and devices so product imagery had to remain clear and impactful regardless of the screen size you were viewing the items on. From the smallest of mobile screens through to the largest widescreen desktop, we wanted to deliver a sharp, professional and aesthetically-pleasing experience.

However, it’s not all about what happens on the surface of the site (even though it’s important!) – the hidden additional functionalities are what makes a site usable.

For Appleby Woodturnings, we have included extensive additional functionality including the likes of Algolia Search which is an advanced search that allows customers to start typing what they are wanting to find and recommendations of products based on what they have already typed in pop up. There is also instant postcode address lookup as well as M2E Pro which is an eBay and Amazon integration.

Like all of our sites, we like to streamline the checkout process as much as possible, and the use of OneStepCheckout is always the best way to deliver a clean and frictionless checkout process on just a single page. When you have an eCommerce store with multiple checkout pages, it has a tendency to increase cart abandonment rates and your sales could suffer as a consequence to this. To help prevent this, a single well-designed page can have a big impact.

For Appleby Woodturnings, the simplistic design and ease-of-use help eliminate any purchasing barriers to help avoid abandoned sales and create an overall user-friendly experience. Be sure to check out the site for yourself here!