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Client Success Story: Squashing eCommerce Bugs to Preserve Valuable Sales

When Wood Floor Warehouse, one of the largest wooden flooring retailers in the UK, approached us, they were grappling with a multitude of challenges that were impacting their online store’s performance and customer experience. We’ve encapsulated the entire journey – from pinpointing the issues the client was facing to achieving remarkable results – in our detailed case study, which you can download here.

A Formidable Challenge

Their Magento eCommerce store was facing multiple issues, from slow load times and poor code quality to faulty extensions and bugs that were making a right mess of the customer experience. Wanting more than just a sticking plaster, Wood Floor Warehouse were looking for a partner with a wealth of eCommerce expertise to help them turn their challenges into opportunities for continuous improvement and growth.

A Comprehensive Strategy

We got stuck in straight away, implementing a comprehensive strategy to confront their issues head-on, focusing on conversion rates, speed, and customer experience. We aimed to introduce stability by clearing down smaller problems that prevented the client from focusing on the things that make a real difference to their business.

The Power of Noibu

We used Noibu, an advanced monitoring and error detection platform, to bolster our strategy. Noibu was instrumental in helping us identify and resolve bugs that were impacting the customer journey and sales. Overall, we managed to identify and resolve 11 critical issues affecting key products, data handling, payments, and the checkout process.

Impressive Results

Our collaboration with Wood Floor Warehouse resulted in some truly impressive improvements in key performance areas. By resolving 11 issues for Wood Floor Warehouse, we helped the client save a total of £667,994 in annualised revenue. We continue to provide hosting services and ongoing support, optimising conversion rates and consistently boosting performance.

Learn All the Details From the Full Case Study

For more detailed insights into the specific challenges we faced, the solutions we put into place, and the measurable results we achieved, you can revisit our full case study here.